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Business Continuity Plan Tips

As a business owner, you don’t want the first time you think about disaster recovery to be during an actual disaster. After a fire, flood or data loss, being prepared will hopefully decrease the damage done by the event, and get your business back on track sooner. One of the best things you can do […]

Corporate Social Responsibility Tips

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society. A business’s CSR can encompass a wide variety of tactics, from giving away a portion of a company’s proceeds to charity, to implementing “greener” business operations. There are a few broad categories of social responsibility that many of today’s businesses are practicing: […]

How to Use Decision Matrix

One of the biggest struggles faced by business owners, leaders and managers is decision making. When faced with more than one possibility to choose from, a decision matrix can help clear up any confusion about the options and highlight points that may factor in the final call. This quantitative method helps determine the ideal solution […]