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Don’t Do It When Job Interview

Looking for a job is not easy. Even when you land an interview, you only have your foot in the door. To cross the threshold to a new job, the interview must go well. Most job seekers know the basics of what a hiring manager wants: Dress professionally, bring a copy of your resume, make […]

Resume Mistakes That You Need to Know

A solid resume is what gets you in the door and in front of hiring managers when you’re applying for jobs. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your application is free of mistakes, and that means more than just typos. Business News Daily spoke with hiring and HR experts to help you clean […]

Great America Job

As the United States celebrates another birthday, and American workers enjoy a day off from work, hereꞌs a look at some of the essential jobs that have made our country what it is today. “While every job plays an important role in making America a successful, thriving nation, our study focuses on 12 careers that […]