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Just graduated with a science or tech degree? You’re in luck: New job seekers can make the most money working in entry-level engineering and software development jobs, according to a new study from the Hay Group, a division of the organizational advisory firm Korn Ferry.

Both jobs have average starting salaries of more than $62,000, and the pay could be even higher for those jobs depending on where they’re located. For example, the average starting salary of an engineering job in San Francisco is $77,096 and $74,609 in New York City. Software development starting pay is also more than $74,000 in both of those cities.

For the study, researchers analyzed salaries of 145,000 entry-level positions from more than 700 organizations across the United States. Based on this data, the firm issued a sampling of 25 jobs, across various industries, as a way to provide a snapshot of what new grads can expect as they enter the workforce full time for the first time.

Overall, the average starting salary of the 25 jobs listed is $48,270, up 2 percent from a year ago. [See Related Story: Grads’ First Job: 4 Questions Before You Say Yes]

“The market for hiring college grads is extremely competitive this year, so employers need real, authentic ways to differentiate themselves and stand out as an employer of choice,” Vivienne Dykstra, global graduate practice leader for Korn Ferry Futurestep, said in a statement. “Strong starting salaries are a critical part of successful recruiting, along with a commitment to helping new recruits develop as their careers progress.”

The average starting salaries for the 25 jobs highlighted in the study are:

Engineer: $62,174
Software developer: $62,093
Actuary: $57,600
Scientist/researcher: $56,872
Environmental professional: $56,236
Insurance underwriter: $55,152
Registered nurse: $55,099
System’s administrator: $52,200
Paralegal: $51,511
Wireless consultant: $50,116
E-commerce analyst: $50,000
Human resources administrator: $48,578
Merchandise planning associate: $46,873
Product development specialist: $46,575
Event coordinator: $46,212
Public relations assistant: $45,619
Pharmacy benefits program coordinator: $45,506
Buyer: $44,477
Graphic designer: $43,855
Accountant: $43,294
Health education instructor: $42,994
Call center specialist: $39,998
Claims examiner: $35,987
Category assistant: $35,782
Customer service representative: $31,958

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